Love Letters to the Covered Bridge

News // February 07, 2024

The Wissahickon inspires connection. In a chance encounter, a park user named Morgan spotted a letter addressed to the Covered Bridge, peeking out of the Wissahickon landmark’s walls. The letter, written by a longtime park visitor, Kathryn, penned the bridge as her place.  Read more about their story in this Inquirer article.

In a romantic chain of events, this practice of reflection and gratitude was passed along from Kathryn who wrote the original letter, as a way to memorialize those special places in her life before she moved to New Orleans, to Morgan who created a way for park users to write love letters of their own to the bridge by placing a box inside the bridge with a notebook and pen ready for passerby to find.

Friends of the Wissahickon and volunteer Matt Kokoszka shared our own journals for park users to continue the tradition in the years to follow.

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day next week, we’ve compiled some excerpts from our collections of Love Letters to the Covered Bridge.

Photo courtesy of Tom Degnan